Stefan Maas: While studying in Germany, UK and Spain – MSc in Int. Management -, Stefan worked for an investment holding focussing on Eastern Europe. Afterwards he became Managing Partner of a private equity boutique in Frankfurt am Main. He identified, financed and co-founded adequate investment targets, structured them and finally developed and executed tailor-made exit strategies. Stefan is Managing Partner of the Pitch Club, CEO of its spin-off PITCH CLUB AG, owner of the IPO Advisory and M&A Boutique PREMATURITAS INVEST and in the advisory board of a real-estate company. In addition, he manages his company stakes and consults MNCs and SMEs in digital topics. In his leisure time he is a keen sportsman.

Daniel Kuczaj: Daniel is Founder and CEO of the startup ROOMHERO. During his International Management studies in Germany, France and China, Daniel has built up one of Germany‘s leading Online Marketing Companies. Afterwards he worked for a Private Equity Boutique, being responsible for the area of venture development. Apart from traditional corporate finance tasks, he was primarily responsible for the set up and expansion of the operational structures in the portfolio companies. Daniel has vast experience in buliding companies from scratch as well as in the growth stage of companies. In addition, he advises Corporates on digital topics.

Dr. Sebastian SchäferSebastian has a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. With many years of practical experiences in different positions in and outside of academia he has gained valuable insights and has developed a unique perspective of how to design and foster dynamic ecosystems. Sebastian is Managing Director at TECH QUARTIER in Frankfurt am Main. Together with his team and his partners, Sebastian aims at promoting the startup scene Frankfurt Rhine-Main as one of the leading Startup- and Fintech Hubs in Europe.

Arthur Rehm: Arthur is founder of the internet startup ROOMHERO. He holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science with the focus on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Steven Cardoso:  Steven is a founder and CTO of the internet startup ROOMHERO.